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Hilary Burrage is author of

Eradicating Female Genital Mutilation: A UK Perspective (Ashgate, 2015)15.07.14 FGM Book1 jacket jpeg
> Hilary Burrage has written the most definitive book ever on FGM.  An invaluable tool to help eradicate it worldwide. A personal triumph.  (The Guardian)
> … Outraged at ineffective child protection, Burrage provides a comprehensive, scholarly yet accessible guide – the first ethically correct textbook in the world about FGM and among the best ever – to professionals and all people of conscience.  (Tobe Levin von Gleichen, Harvard and Oxford Universities)
> The best book ever written about the sensitive subject of FGM : ***** (Sayydah Garrett, Pastoralist Child Foundation)
In bookshops now (UK, USA and global).

Hilary is a consultant sociologist and journalist. This is Hilary's professional website, to share thoughts on sociological analysis, social policy and good practice.
Earlier in her career Hilary was a university Research Associate and a college Senior Lecturer. Community engaged, and with grounded board-level and national experience of regeneration, science, health, environmental issues, politics and culture, Hilary has worked and collaborated in many contexts, from Liverpool via London to Prague and New York. A former AFS (American Field Service) Scholar, Hilary is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Citizen Action In Support Of Zero Tolerance To FGM Day

February 6, 2016

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Today, 6th February, is the 13th annual International Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation Day.
To mark this milestone the Morning Star asked me to write a piece in response to the question, ‘Yes, that’s good; but what are we as ordinary citizens actually supposed to do about it?’.  I hope that the suggestions I shared (below) help to move forward on that very important matter.
Everyone can do something.

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A Global Paradigm For ‘FGM Studies’?

February 3, 2016

13.05.26 Tobe Efua Hilary meet-up in Brown's Islington Notes 3Ashgate (Gower), the publishing company for my guide to / textbook on female genital mutilation, has just been bought by Routledge, a part of the Taylor and Francis global group. It was nice therefore that they invited me to write something for their website about 6 February, International Zero Tolerance to FGM Day. So I explained why all aspects of stopping FGM must be put together coherently to ensure that this harmful traditional practice is eradicated. A real paradigm for ‘FGM studies’ is essential….

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Two Books, One Purpose: To End FGM

January 30, 2016

15.07.14 FGM Book1 jacket jpeg16.01.22 Female Mutilation book pic (3)I have now written two books about female genital mutilation. The first was Eradicating Female Genital Mutilation (Ashgate, 2015) and the second, due out very soon, is Female Mutilation: The truth behind the horrifying global practice of female genital mutilation (New Holland Publishers, 2016). The material is very different but, as I wrote (below) for some USA colleagues, the intention is the same. We must #EndFGM. Now.

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Talking To Medical Students About FGM

November 24, 2015

U of Lpool Med School It’s really important that medical students talk about female genital mutilation (FGM) in good time to think about it, well before they are presented with real-life professional situations where they will need to be competent, composed, compassionate and yet also uncompromising, in immediate and often very complex contexts. I had such an opportunity to discuss FGM just this evening, at the University of Liverpool Medical School.  My message as ever is ‘from horror to hope…’.

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Eradicating Female Genital Mutilation: Book Launch (My Talk, 4 November 2015)

November 4, 2015

15.11.04 Eradicating FGM book launch, Guardian (9)My book, Eradicating Female Genital Mutilation (Ashgate, 2015) was launched this evening at an event very generously hosted by Maggie O’Kane at the Guardian London offices.  It was an occasion I will never forget, amongst colleagues, friends and family, all of them committed to eradicating female genital mutilation forever.  I took advantage of the opportunity to share some thoughts about how the fight against FGM is developing, what needs to be done and why Public Health is critical…

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Eradicating Female Genital Mutilation: Backstory To My Book

September 18, 2015

15.09.18a Hilary with Eradicating FGM book hot off the pressMy book, Eradicating Female Genital Mutilation, is now published and available for everyone to read. It can be obtained from the publishers, Ashgate, in paperback, hardback and e-formats, or from any good bookshop.
Below is the account which I wrote for the Ashgate blog of how the book came about. As I say in that piece, this is a book which should never have had to be written. But now that’s done, I hope very much that soon we can close the conversation and consign the whole phenomenon of FGM to history.

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Conference: Ending FGM Together (Amplifying The Message)

September 2, 2015

15.09.03 .Mojatu FGM confc, Nottingham (12) - Copy3 September 2015 was the date of an International Conference in Nottingham on Ending FGM Together.   The event, devised by Valentine Nkoyo and colleagues from the Mojatu Foundation, offered an ambitious agenda addressing many aspects of the issues.  My contribution was a workshop on the media, entitled #EndFGM: Amplifying the Message.  The notes for the seminar are below. I hope we can now use this blog to share more Twitter accounts, websites etc, to spread ‘the message’ and to connect with other campaigners..

And please support the e-petition which arose from concerns expressed during our workshop:

Secure permanent prohibition of FGM in Sierra Leone.

The ‘Ebola ban’ must not be reversed.

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