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Hilary Burrage is the author of two books on Female Genital Mutilation (FGM):

15.07.14 FGM Book1 jacket jpegEradicating Female Genital Mutilation: A UK Perspective (Ashgate/Routledge, 2015) is a book about pathways to eradicating FGM in the UK and a detailed handbook-textbook which covers global and historic/political issues from a socio-economic as well as educational, legal and medical aspects. There is an accompanying website for updates and a Twitter account [available from the publisher; or from / (inc. e-format) and high street booksellers].

16.01.22 Female Mutilation book pic (3)Female Mutilation: The truth behind the horrifying global practice of female genital mutilation (New Holland Publishers, 2016) comprises 70+ ‘narratives’ from survivors, family and community members, activists and professionals in two dozen countries, five continents, also with an accompanying website to bring all the contributors together, and a Twitter handle [from the Guardian bookshop; or from /, or high street booksellers].

Eradicating Female Genital Mutilation was launched on 4 November 2015 at The Guardian offices in London (introductory talk here) and both books were presented at a reception hosted by the Norwegian Embassy for the Inter-African Committee FGM Conference at the United Nations in Geneva, on 10 May 2016.

Reviews of Eradicating Female Genital Mutilation:
> Hilary Burrage has written the most definitive book ever on FGM.  An invaluable tool to help eradicate it worldwide. A personal triumph.  (The Guardian)
> … Outraged at ineffective child protection, Burrage provides a comprehensive, scholarly yet accessible guide – the first ethically correct textbook in the world about FGM and among the best ever – to professionals and all people of conscience.  (Tobe Levin von Gleichen, Harvard and Oxford Universities)
> The best book ever written about the sensitive subject of FGM : ***** (Sayydah Garrett, Pastoralist Child Foundation)

Hilary is a consultant sociologist and journalist. This is Hilary's professional website, to share thoughts on sociological analysis, social policy and good practice.

White Ribbon Day, And What We Can Learn From Men Who Challenge FGM

November 25, 2016

16-11-25-white-ribbon-dayIt’s White Ribbon Day, when the focus is on male violence against women and girls.  In the words of White Ribbon UK :
‘This is not and never has been a “women’s issue”… We address men directly – so they understand the scale of the problem, and become part of the solution, alongside women.’
I’ve been invited to speak in support of White Ribbon day at the SE Region TUC Women’s Rights Committee event at Congress House. Here’s what I shall say:

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The On-Going Issue Of Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery

November 23, 2016

12-05-05-cutting-008The incidence of female genital cosmetic surgery (FGCS, sometimes referred to as labiaplasty, although this is not the only procedure) is thought to be increasing, and this type of surgery continues to cause concern. Is it in fact licensed female genital mutilation (FGM), as some allege – in which case it is illegal? And is it ever permissible in juveniles? Is it hypocritical and ‘racially’ biased?What follows is my small contribution to the debate which continues in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) and elsewhere in the legal and medical literature.

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Eradicating Female Genital Mutilation: A UK Perspective (Ashgate/Routledge, Oct. 2015)

October 28, 2016
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My first book, Eradicating Female Genital Mutilation: A UK Perspective, was published one year ago today. It was at last available in bookshops and on the websites for all to access and read.  I found the transition from ‘writer’ (of a manuscript) to ‘author’ (of a published book) quite daunting.  For the past half decade I had been trying to understand, and compose text to explain, the massive complexities of FGM and then the many efforts to make it history in different parts of the world. Now it was my readers’ turn to share ideas and say what they think about the book. Here are some details of my book’s contents and of those reviews:

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FGM Must Be Termed Female Genital MUTILATION In Formal Contexts

October 15, 2016

16-10-15-end-fgm-walk-dc-img_2419-9The Global Woman P.E.A.C.E. Walk-A-Thon to End FGM, in Washington DC on 15 October 2016, brought together many activists from around the world – an exciting and truly inspiring experience, which I describe in more detail here.
I was privileged to attend the event as an Awardee (for my books) and I took the opportunity to deliver a very simple message: If we are serious about eradicating FGM we will call is as it is, Female Genital Mutilation. Here is the text of my brief address:

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The End FGM Walk-A-Thon, 15 October 2016, Washington DC

October 15, 2016

16-10-15-end-fgm-walk-dc-img_2419-75The third Global Woman P.E.A.C.E. Foundation Walk to End FGM, in Washington DC on 15 October 2016 – a beautifully sunny Saturday afternoon – brought together people from around the world, some of us already friends, others long-time connections meeting face-to-face for the first time, and others quickly to become new friends. For all this and much more we must thank Angela Peabody, the inspiration and mover behind the scenes of this globally significant and very special event.

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My Books Event With Blackwells At Labour Party Annual Conference

September 27, 2016

16-09-27-fgm-book-signing-labour-confc-blackwells-hilary-img_2048-10As on previous occasions, Blackwells had a bookstall at the Labour Party Annual Conference, this year in Liverpool. It was good to join them for a book-signing session today, and the event gave me an opportunity to talk with a lot of people about issues around FGM (there are still many who are rather vague about how to respond). Amongst those who later joined me for a chat were my own MP, Louise Ellman, Luciana Berger MP and Theresa Griffin MEP, plus David Bartlett, the CEO of White Ribbon UK.

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Walk to End FGM, Washington DC (USA), Saturday 15 October 2016

August 15, 2016

IMG_1685 (2)The  Global Woman P.E.A.C.E. Foundation is a USA-based ‘501c3 nonprofit’ organization dedicated to empower women and girls through education to eradicate gender based violence.  You can imagine therefore how thrilled I am that in just two months’ time, on 15 October, I shall be with them, alongside friends and colleagues, in Washington DC on the Walk to End FGM (details below), when I am to receive a certificate of recognition for my two books on female genital mutilation.

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