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Women (Gender) & Science

Hilary Burrage was amongst the very first to research ‘women and science’.  Her M.Sc. research and dissertation (University of Salford, 1973) was on this subject.

This research was reported as a published paper ten years later, in 1983:

1983: ‘Women University Teachers of Natural Science, 1971-2: An Empirical Study‘, Social Studies of Science, vol.13, no.1, (February) (Report of M.Sc. research of same title, University of Salford, UK

….   but the subsiduary conclusion of this paper,  the ‘secondary hypothesis’ above, that no difference between men’s and women’s preferences for the life sciences is proven, was inserted at the insistance of an anonymous reviewer, and makes sense only insofar as funding and other resources for the original research (none) did not extend to investigating men at the same time as the women. (Independent data which might have allowed gendered demographic comparisions to be made was very hard to find in that early 1970s, snail mail, pre-internet era).

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