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The Guardian Newspaper Readers’ Campaign To Eradicate FGM – Your Views / Advice On ACTIONS Needed, Please!

December 21, 2013

11.04.17 red centre  004aIn January 2014 the Guardian Newspaper is to launch a campaign to eradicate female genital mutilation (FGM).  This will include not just reports about what is happening right now, but also asking how FGM can be stopped in the UK and globally within a generation, and what we can all do to make this happen. In preparation for this campaign, the Guardian is inviting people in Britain and around the world to advise on how to abolish the practice forever.

We need your views !

We want to know what you think the Guardian should be asking their print and on-line readership to do, in support of the campaign to eradicate FGM. Our aim is to confer with as many experts and concerned citizens as possible, to arrive at five recommendations each for UK domestic, and for global, action by Guardian readers…..

#To share your ideas for *domestic (UK) actions* please  comment   HERE.

> Here are some ideas other readers have already suggested for UK action.

#To suggest *actions globally* please post your comments   HERE.

> Here are some ideas other readers have already suggested for global action.

Watch this space. We shall take the debate wherever it needs to go……


Averaged out,  perhaps two girls and women in Britain face serious risk of FGM every hour of the year.    Estimates suggest there are around 24,000 cases of FGM in the UK annually, but the fear is that this number may be increasing.

> Do you have advice or ideas about how this appalling harm, often inflicted on young girls and babies, can be stopped?

> Do you have experience of FGM, personally or as a member of a community in which it occurs?

> Are you a practitioner who encounters the challenges of FGM in the course of your work?   Maybe a teacher, clinician, police officer, social worker or youth leader?

> Have you found it difficult to confront or deal with FGM as you would wish?  Or are you simply a concerned citizen who wants to see FGM eradicated?

Whatever your experience or views, we want to hear from you!

So….. Please tell us what you think, via either or both of these options:

* To share your thoughts on domestic (UK) actions please  comment   HERE  (click link).

* To suggest actions globally, please post your comments   HERE  (click link).

And …. please follow us on @FGMQuestions and #FGMQns, and tell others too that their views will be appreciated.

For regular, completely free no-obligation UK and global updates on FGM, please see #NoFGM Daily News.

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Instead, we’d appreciate your views via the two links above.  Thank you!

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