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The Guardian Newspaper Readers’ Campaign To Eradicate FGM *Globally* – Your Feedback

11.04.17 red centre  004aIn January 2014 the Guardian Newspaper is to launch a campaign to eradicate female genital mutilation (FGM). This will include not just reports about what is happening right now, but also asking how FGM can be stopped within a generation, and what we can all do to make this happen. In preparation for this campaign, the Guardian is inviting people in Britain and around the world to advise on how to abolish the practice forever. >> We need your views (please see below).

We want to know what you think the Guardian should be asking their print and on-line readership to do, in support of the campaign to eradicate FGM.

Our aim is to confer with as many experts and concerned citizens as possible, to arrive at five recommendations each for UK domestic, and for global, action by Guardian readers…..

Ideas for global action by Guardian readers so far (please see Comments to date – you are welcome now to add your own) include:

Learn from other countries

  • Encourage colleagues in the field elsewhere to share their experiences (of what works, what doesn’t, and in what contexts?)

Support organisations which educate girls

  • Support organisations which challenge FGM and child marriage
  • Encourage empowerment and independent futures for girls

Find ways to open (traditional) community dialogues and sensitization

  • Ensure that prosecution for FGM does not result in it being done more secretively
  • Consider whether support for alternative rites of passage (ARP) may help.

Support endeavours to provide clitoral restoration (surgery and support?)

  • Enable women to reclaim their bodies
  • Encourage and enable these women to make the case against FGM

Set up FGM Studies Institutes and courses in Universities

  • The German GIZ (cf DfID in the UK) and the Medical Faculty at the University of Geneva have established FGM Studies Chairs / courses. (There is also a similar institute in South Africa)
  • Dr Pierre Foldes wants to do the same in France

** To discuss these views further, or share your alternative ideas for global action PLEASE COMMENT HERE. **

[To suggest actions in the UK, please post your comments HERE.]

Our deadline for initial thoughts is 8 January 2014.

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