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Walk to End FGM, Washington DC (USA), Saturday 15 October 2016

August 15, 2016

IMG_1685 (2)The  Global Woman P.E.A.C.E. Foundation is a USA-based ‘501c3 nonprofit’ organization dedicated to empower women and girls through education to eradicate gender based violence.  You can imagine therefore how thrilled I am that in just two months’ time, on 15 October, I shall be with them, alongside friends and colleagues, in Washington DC on the Walk to End FGM (details below), when I am to receive a certificate of recognition for my two books on female genital mutilation.


The End FGM ‘Walk-A-Thon’ is open to anyone who would like to be involved.  You can register here:


Here is the list of 2016 Awardees | Walk to End FGM

Susan L. Masling – For Her Work in the US Legal System against FGM
Diane Walsh – For Advocating and Covering FGM Globally
Kristin Hoffmann – For the Composition and Recording of the Walk to End FGM Anthem
Susan Gibbs – For Her Continued Global Reach in Advocacy for Women’s Rights
Sarah Sisaye – For Continuing to Advocate Education of FGM in the U.S.
Sherelle Carper – For Organizing the Women’s Health Coalition of Women’s Organizations
Missy Crutchfield – For Using Print Media as a Weapon against FGM
Elisabeth Wilson – In Recognition for Continuing to Advocate against FGM in Europe
Andrea Roane – For Being Persistent in Reporting a News Story on FGM in 2015
Amani DeShield – For Being the First Middle School FGM Student Ambassador for GWPF
The organizers expect to welcome about two thousand participants.
A group of us will walk as  Team Efua; we’d love you to be there too!
Pre-Walk Program: 1:00pm
High Profile Speakers include Sister Jenna, Sayydah Garrett, Teri  Gabrielsen, Nadine Gary, Aisha Kamar and various Awardees
plus Entertainment, Awards & Prizes
Washington Memorial Drive, SW
Washington, D.C. 20024
Walk-A-Thon starts: 1:45pm
Walk Route: Begin at the Sylvan Theater and we will walk to the Lincoln Memorial and back to the Sylvan Theater.
Tel: 703.818.3787
Parking:  Other than street parking, there is no other available parking at the walk site.  Traveling by Metro is highly recommended. The nearest metro station is Smithsonian Metro Station on the Orange, Blue and Silver Lines, only 2 blocks from the National Sylvan Theater.  Metro opens at 7:00am on Saturday morning.
Double Tree by Hilton is the official hotel of the walk.
Here is a special link for out of town/country registrants to make their hotel reservations.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Hilary Burrage is author of



FEMALE MUTILATION (New Holland Publishers 2016)


There is a free FGM hotline for anyone in the UK: 0800 028 3550, or email:

Details of NHS Specialist Services for FGM here.

The (free) #NoFGM Daily News carries reports of all items shared on Twitter that day about FGM – brings many organisations and developments into focus.

Also available to follow at no cost or obligation is the #NoFGM_USA Daily News.

Twitter: @NoFGM_UK  @NoFGMBookUK @FemaleMutlnBook  @FGMStatement  @NoFGM_USA @NoFGM_Kenya  @NoFGM_France  @GuardianEndFGM [tag for all: #NoFGM] and @StopMGM.

Facebook page: #NoFGM – a crime against humanity

More info on FGM here.


[NB The Inter-African Committee on Traditional Practices Affecting the Health of Women and Children, which has a primary focus on FGM, is clear that in formal discourse any term other than ‘mutilation’ concedes damagingly to the cultural relativists – though the terms employed may of necessity vary in informal discussion with those who by tradition use alternative vocabulary. See the Feminist Statement on the Naming and Abolition of Female Genital Mutilation,  The Bamako Declaration: Female Genital Mutilation Terminology and the debate about Anthr/Apologists on this website.]

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This article concerns approaches to the eradication specifically of FGM.  I am also categorically opposed to MGM, but that is not the focus of this particular piece.

Anyone wishing to offer additional comment on more general considerations around infant and juvenile genital mutilation is asked please to do so on the relevant dedicated thread, originally developed in June 2012:

The Other FGM Debate: Is Male Circumcision (MGM) Also Child Abuse?

Pending further notice (of a planned new blog, sometime after February 2016), discussion of the general issues re M/FGM will not be published unless they are posted on this dedicated page.  Thanks.

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