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Conference: Ending FGM Together (Amplifying The Message With Mojatu)

September 2, 2015

15.09.03 .Mojatu FGM confc, Nottingham (12) - Copy3 September 2015 was the date of an International Conference in Nottingham on Ending FGM Together.   The event, devised by Valentine Nkoyo and colleagues from the Mojatu Foundation, offered an ambitious agenda addressing many aspects of the issues.  My contribution was a workshop on the media, entitled #EndFGM: Amplifying the Message.  The notes for the seminar are below. I hope we can now use this blog to share more Twitter accounts, websites etc, to spread ‘the message’ and to connect with other campaigners..

And please support the e-petition which arose from concerns expressed during our workshop:

Secure permanent prohibition of FGM in Sierra Leone.

The ‘Ebola ban’ must not be reversed.

#EndFGM: Amplifying the Message

What actually is ‘the message’?

Who needs to know / will benefit from knowing what?  What do you want to tell them?

How can we best focus information and action for communities, funders, local authority officers, researchers (and whoever else)?

  • Using ‘market segmentation’ as an aid to effective communication

Who to should be responsible for putting the message/s out, for maximum impact and effect?

Is the information primarily for internal or external attention?

Is it general info (eg what is FGM?), specific (eg a conference), for particular people (eg a clinic)?

  • Co-ordination of survivors, activists, professionals for communication via the media

What media for what messages?

How wide an audience?  How immediately, time-wise?

Simple or complicated message?  Can you make it even more succinct and clear?

  • Email, blog / website, Twitter, Facebook, other social media, ‘Letter to the Editor’, press release or article for local, national or special interest publication, video clip (Youtube podcast), radio or TV interview? (Any other options?)

Can the message/s be amplified?

Do you have different social media which can ‘talk’ to each other (eg different Twitter / Facebook accounts, or Letters to the Editor)?

Is this something where you might bring in extra helpers / supports to increase impact? How will you identify / train them?

  • We can start to help each other right now, by sharing Twitter handles, website addresses etc. There is indeed strength in solidarity!

Here are a few Twitter accounts you might like to connect with, as a start:

@NoFGM_UK  @NoFGM_USA   @NoFGM_Kenya  @NoFGM_France  @NoFGMbookUK  @GuardianEndFGM


One significant outcome from this workshop was to set up an e-petition to Justine Greening MP, the Secretary of State for the UK Department for International Development (DFID), urging her to apply pressure to ensure that the current ban on FGM in Sierra Leone continues after the Ebola crisis (which necessitated a ban on people meeting in social groups) is over:

Secure permanent prohibition of FGM in Sierra Leone.

The ‘Ebola ban’ must not be reversed.

You may also like want to add your suggested links below (via ‘Comments’ after the blog), so we can all Follow and support each other (and other people will know you about your work, too!):

15.09.03 .Mojatu FGM confc, Nottingham (43) - Copy

15.09.03 .Mojatu FGM confc, Nottingham (40) - Copy

15.09.03 .Mojatu FGM confc, Nottingham (39) - Copy15.09.03 .Mojatu FGM confc, Nottingham (44) - Copy


Hilary Burrage is the author of Eradicating Female Genital Mutilation (Ashgate, 2015), an explanatory handbook for professionals, activists and all concerned citizens.

There is a free FGM hotline for anyone in the UK: 0800 028 3550,


The #NoFGM Daily News carries reports of all items shared on Twitter that day about FGM – brings many organisations and developments into focus.



Twitter accounts: @NoFGM_UK  @NoFGMBookUK  @FGMStatement  @NoFGM_USA   [tag for all: #NoFGM]

Facebook page: #NoFGM – a crime against humanity

More info on FGM in the UK here. Email contact: NoFGM email

Readers are invited to support these two FGM e-petitions:

UK Government: Enforce the UK law which forbids FGM (Female Genital so-called ‘Cutting’)    ..

and FGM abolitionists internationally: Support the Feminist Statement on Female Genital Mutilation

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