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Ten Reasons Why UK Law On FGM Has Failed – And Ten Ways To Improve It

February 10, 2014

14.07.03 Portcullis 2aI am perplexed by the failure of the Police to investigate the very serious crime of female genital mutilation in much the same way they would, say, for drug offences – going out enthusiastically to find evidence of criminal activity, and then using detectives’ skills to identify the perpetrators.   So I asked a group of legal experts to help unravel various of the complexities.  This Guardian article (published today, 10 February 2014)  by Dexter Dias QC, Felicity Gerry QC and myself, offers some thoughts on the legal challenges.

Here’s the article: 10 reasons why our FGM law has failed – and 10 ways to improve it                                                              

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