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Terms and Conditions

January 21, 2005

You are welcome to syndicate or copy items on Hilary’s website provided that
* the piece is quoted in its entirety (unless an edited version has been
agreed in writing with Hilary prior to publication)
* the piece is the most recent version of the item, if more than one version
exists (click Refresh to check this)
* Hilary’s website is clearly identified and named as the source of the item
* no direct financial benefit will accrue to a third party (unless this has
been agreed by Hilary in writing prior to publication)
* Hilary is identified as the holder of all copyright and intellectual
property rights to the piece
* Hilary is informed in writing before any piece is published, and
publication may only go ahead once this notification has been acknowledged
and agreed by Hilary
* comments on a piece shown on Hilary’s website may not be used unless the
permission of the person posting has been given, in addition to permission
from Hilary
Any variation of the above conditions will be considered on an individual
basis and may involve the payment of fee/s.
‘Writing’ in the above context includes electronic communication from a
fully identified source.

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