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January 1, 2005

Hilary BurrageHilary Burrage is a consultant, writer and practitioner sociologist with wide experience in regeneration, knowledge ecology and economy, sustainability and the delivery of social policy. Previously a college Senior Lecturer, Hilary is now a board director, researcher, coach and speaker. Also a community activist, and with regional and national experience with environmental, business, health, culture and regeneration bodies, Hilary has worked in many contexts, from Liverpool via London to Prague. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

For more information about this website and about Hilary Burrage (including publications &c), please visit About.

Hilary Burrage’s other websites, all developed in collaboration with Nick Prior Designs, are

Dreaming Realist (a magazine-style weblog, going back to 2005)
a million small conversations (discussions around connecting small ideas for bigger sustainable change, started in January 2010).

An additional website, for the Samuel Coleridge Taylor Foundation, has been in development since Autum 2010.

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