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MIHPE: The Institute of Health Promotion and Education

October 29, 2021

I was pleased today to receive a letter telling me that, following their invitation, I have just become a Member of the Institute of Health Promotion and Education, an organisation ‘dedicated to improving standards as well as publicising Health Education and Promotion practice and theory’. It’s history spans over 60 years.

As any regular readers of my web-posts will know, I believe strongly that all of us working in fields such as my own who can, should keep in touch; and obviously one important way to do this is through professional organisations such as IHPE.

IHPE publishes the International Journal of Health Promotion and Education, in which, looking back, I published a paper on Health Education: The Androcentric Agenda many years ago. It’s good to see how far things have moved on since then, and to be associated with the IHPE’s sterling work.

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Books by Hilary Burrage on female genital mutilation

18.04.12 FGM books together IMG_3336 (3).JPG

Eradicating Female Genital Mutilation: A UK Perspective (Hilary Burrage, Ashgate / Routledge 2015).
Full contents and reviews   HERE.

FEMALE MUTILATION: The truth behind the horrifying global practice of female genital mutilation  (Hilary Burrage, New Holland Publishers 2016).
Full contents and reviews   HERE.


Email: Hilary @  Twitter@HilaryBurrage  LinkedInHilary Burrage


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  1. November 2, 2021 09:03

    Congratulations, Hilary. The organization has acquired a gem.

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