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HB Ltd Services :

Hilary Burrage Ltd is a registered company* offering a range of services.

These include:

  • Authorship of / editing articles, papers and larger works for a range of media and publications

cf: the articles and posts on this website (see also list of publications and journal board memberships)

  • Consultancy and positioning

e.g. social enterprises, and early years, children’s and youth services

  • Change facilitation and support

e.g. refocusing services in health, education and equality / diversity

  • Directorships and advisory posts

Please see Hilary’s CV** for examples of previous and current directorships in arts, business, education, environmental, health, regeneration and social enterprises

  • Lectures, public speaking and teaching

cf: posts on this website (Please see also Hilary’s CV**)

  • Research and reports, using either / both primary and secondary data

e.g. in the fields of gender and diversity, knowledge economy and personal public services

  • Team building and mentoring

e.g. working with individuals and groups to develop / redefine focus and teamwork

  • Website development, tutoring and support

Devising and advising on low-cost websites for those who wish to take their ideas or services forward online

For more information, or to discuss a proposal, please contact Hilary  here.

**Hilary’s full CV is available on LinkedIn.


* Company registered in England, No. 6961255

Registered office: Woodridge House, Earlesbrook, Bacton, Stowmarket, Suffolk 1P14 4UA

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