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Kameel Ahmady Sentenced To 8 Years In Prison

December 13, 2020

My friend and colleague, the British-Iranian anthropologist Kameel Ahmady, was yesterday sentenced by a Tehran court to eight years in prison in Iran.
Kameel’s research is on topics such as female genital mutilation, child marriage and informal / ‘white’ marriage,

Below is a statement released today:


Sunday 13 December 2020


British-Iran Anthropologist and Researcher Sentenced to 8 years by Court in Tehran


The British-Iranian anthropologist, social researcher and author Kameel Ahmady has been sentenced to 8 years in prison on the charge by a Tehran court of ‘collaborating with a hostile state’.

Amir Raesian, Kameel Ahmady’s lawyer, says

Yesterday my client, Mr. Kameel Ahmady, a researcher and anthropologist, was sentenced to eight years in prison by Branch 15 of the Revolutionary Court in Tehran on charges of “collaborating with a hostile government.” We will appeal this ruling and we still hope …

Kameel Ahmady added

In Autumn 2019, contrary to all legal strictures and hope of fair judgement, I was subjected to 100 days of detention and extrajudicial interrogation without access to a lawyer.

The judgement now handed down by Judge Salavati was issued after two non-expert court hearings in a legal process full of flaws. 

The legal focus of the accusation goes back to my research on the most harmful traditions about children in disadvantaged minority areas of Iran, but the main intention of my accusers has been to link my research to the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, and to stop my activities with the target community of my research.

Now, with all that remains of my strength, I will appeal this verdict and hope for a fair trial in the appeal court

Kameel Ahmady has published several books and many papers on issues in Iran around child labour, female genital mutilation, child marriage, cohabitation / ‘white’ marriage, temporary marriage, LGBT, identity, ethnicity and minority groups.

Examples of his work can be seen here Kameel Ahmady Website (with details of all his publications, awards etc.) and here Kameel Ahmady Biography

Kameel’s social media accounts are on Twitter and  Facebook.

Kameel Ahmady’s lawyer in Tehran, Amir Raesian, also has a Twitter account.

To follow developments concerning #KameelAhmady as they arise, click here.

Kameel Ahmady, British-Iranian Anthropologist, Detained In Iran – News Updates

Statement On The Detention In Iran Of Social Anthropologist Kameel Ahmady

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UK contact for enquiries:  Hilary Burrage (a British colleague of Kameel)

via email:  hilary  at   hilaryburrage  dot   com . Please leave a phone number.

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  1. December 14, 2020 06:39

    Very unfortunate.

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